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Personalizing My Pregnancy Journal

There are so many pregnancy journals to choose from! The one I chose was "Welcoming Our Little One: A Pregnancy Journal". I liked this one because it was simple and gender neutral; at the time I did not know I was having a baby girl. I also liked that it gave me plenty of space to write, add pictures, and be creative.

Things I love about this journal:

  1. Includes places for milestones and pictures (ie. first ultrasound)

  2. Does a summary for each trimester with highs, lows, and more

  3. Includes a weekly reflection

  4. Has a space for a photo every three weeks (this has been the perfect amount of photos)

  5. Has plenty of extra space for me to add a some personal touches

This journal has been a really great space for me to reflect and write down important things that I want to remember, but also want to be able to pass along to Taya. I cannot wait to share it with her someday!

I have taken a bit of an extra step with this journal and have added some scrapbook paper and used cute pens and such in order to make it a little more personal and cute. So far I am really happy with it! I am lucky to have the time to do this because I am definitely more likely to keep up on it and save it forever if I am not only including important details, but making it look good!

I said that I have time to do this, but that does not mean that I actually have time to add to it and make it cute every week. To make it easier on myself, I type out each weeks reflection in my notes app and then put them in the book a page at a time so that I can do the photo and all three entries all at once. This also helps to make sure what I write fits well in the spaces provided, because I have it pre-written and so I have a good idea based on the size of the previous entries, but can also adjust the wording as I write if need be.

In picking out the scrapbook paper. I chose paper that is blue, green, and neutrals, and then floral, plaids, and stripes. This seemed like a good combination at the time for either a baby boy or girl, because the colors were more boyish and the patterns more girlish. I figured if it was a boy then its okay for it to be a little girly since its coming from and includes so much of his mom. With it being a girl, I am also happy with it, because its girly patterns without being overwhelmingly girly. I am not a huge fan of everything full on pick, so this worked well!

For each page I just add a little rectangle or two of paper and then write in one of the pens I got to go with the colors and it really takes the journal to the next level! I saw some examples from reviews of people with this journal and they just did the standard photo and then wrote in blue or black pen and though that gets the job done, I wanted something I would enjoy looking at! I could have really gone all out with this and added more embellishment and stickers and anything else, but this was enough for me and I love it!

I cannot wait to continue filling out my journal! There are so many important things to come! I am over halfway through second trimester and so much fun and change to come!

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